SmartTarget Not working on Tab

  • 18 September 2022
  • 4 replies

I am trying to select a button on a tab, but the smart target OCR is selecting the whole box, instead of the button I am trying to target.  This is an important part in the process of automation. Any help would be welcomed.


In the image attached, I am trying to select the work queue button, instead the entire box is been highlighted. 

4 replies

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Hi, HayWhy21,

Can you tell us a little more about the application?

Also, what OS are you running, i.e. Windows 8, etc.

Lastly, are you running the latest version of Bot (17.10.0)? And the latest version of Apire?



Hello Mitcha,

Thanks for your reply;

The OS I am running on is windows 10, the aspire application is the latest version, and the Bot version is 17.8.

For the application, can you tell me what info specifically you need?

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Thanks. Please update to 17.10.0 as we've improved UIA targeting in that and the previous release. You can download it here:


Once you do that, please retest your targeting and let us know. I may ask that you submit a support case to get more details.



Hi Mitcha,
The issue persisted even after upgrading, but on your advice a ticket has been raised.