Send value- keyboard

  • 14 March 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi team, 


I'm looping a web table and im also send a shortcut using send value action with keyboard expression.


It works for the first row but doesn't work for the second row while looping.


I used this approach because nintexbot can not recognise the web table


Note: I did something like this on nintexbot version 17.6.0


If there is another approach to achieve this kindly help shareshare






3 replies

When sending keyboard commands to a target we always recommend using Behavior as "None" and Speed as "Very Slow". 


However, this may not be the answer you were looking for. Can you expand on what you are trying to target? There may be something we can do to help Nintex Bot find the target table.

Thanks for your response KyleDierking


Find the attached image is the web table, Three columns in this table(Icon, File Name, Download).

The aim is to right-click each of the downloads we have in the download column and copy the download link.

i had tried using the right click action while looping but could not right-click on each of the downloads,

However, I tried another approach which is to send a keyboard shortcut(Shift+F10+down(5)+Enter) using the Send Value action to right-click and copy the download link which works for the first column and did not work for the rest of the columns.

i have tried this on the previous version which works fine but on this new nintexbot version installed it fails to work.

Hm... Since you said it worked previously I am concerned this may be a larger issue.


Can you contact our Nintex RPA support team? We would love to take a closer look and see if we can fix this issue for you.