Send a [^Enter] keystroke before every upper cased letter in a string

  • 28 January 2020
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Im dealing with a botflow where Im retriving various types of string values which I am saving into different variables. After I have retrived the text I am going to send it into a Word Document. But when I send it in to Word I want the text to be formatted so every word that starts with a upper cased letter are written on a new line. Which means that I have to enter a Enter keystroke before every Ucased letter. I have tried to solve it with the formula action in various ways but have not manage to figure out a soulution.


Example string:

 Rekrytering Arbetsrätt Arbetsgivarens varumärkning


Where I want to seperate the string into the following distribution:



Arbetsgivarens varumärkning


Is there a way to solve this problem? 


Thanks in advance, 



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Hi @Schmidet (Johan),

You can solve anything with Foxtrot/Nintex RPA - just a matter of creativity :-)

I've made a recording in the following link and attached an example Botflow. I kind of just built the solution while recording without any prior testing, so I came up with the solution while building it... The video is without sound and not polished at all, but I hope it makes sense. You could probably optimize it and there are probably also alternatives ways of solving it. Anyway, hope this gives you the inspiration and ideas to solve your problem.



Thanks for the great solution Mathias and thank you for once agian saving my job.

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