Selector auto-clicking (Unable to hover objects) - Nintex 15.1.10

  • 11 October 2022
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Hi all, new to the RPA-scene!

Nintex 15.1.10 on Windows11

Tried to search FAQ and the forums but could not see anyone with similar issues. 

I am building my first botflow but i'm unable to properly use the selector (crosshair) to properly hover applications on my desktop. 1-2 seconds after clicking on the selector it auto clicks and returns basically a screenshot of the whole desktop.

I'm trying to hover a specific application but it rapidly clicks on the desktop thus rendering me unable to select the specific application.

I have reinstalled Nintex and scaling is set to 100%. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?



Best answer by StoneRPA 13 October 2022, 09:07

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1 reply

Solved. Embarrassingly easy solution, you are supposed to click and hold.