Scheduled bots and Holidays

  • 18 January 2022
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I have a few bots that run M-F at 6:00AM.  Normally it runs fine, with no issues.  However, we are closed on holidays (such as MLK Jr. Day).  Is there a way to have the  scheduler work to NOT run on a Holiday?  


I will need to remember now to go into RPA Central on the day before the holiday and change the schedule to NOT run on the holidays for certain bots.  I'm just looking for an easier way to  have the holidays skipped without manual intervention


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Hi, Melanie,

There's currently no way to do this, but I'm going through User Voice cleanup and this is an idea that has already been submitted ( and I've marked it as Under Review. In your opinion, would it make sense to have built-in holidays that would be automatically skipped, the ability for you to mark certain days as holidays, or a combination of both? Just trying to get to a better understanding of the need/request.



Hi Mike, 


I think what we did in other products is that the standard holidays (from the fed) were marked on a calendar each year.  Then at the run level we could determine if we wanted the option to run on the holiday or not.  There will be some bots that will still need to run on holidays-but others that can be skipped.  In my opinion we would need the flexibility when scheduling the bot if we wanted it to run on holidays or not.


For now, I will monitor them and manually update to bot on the date before the holiday.


Thank you!


I had this same issue come up.  I created an excel doc that lists the upcoming holidays for the year.  I put a Search and If statement at the beginning of each script to look at that doc and based on if it is the actual holiday date or previous date=holiday date, the script will run or go to End.  Having the ability to set a holiday calendar and then have logic in place for when the script needs to run would be much more efficient.  I look forward to the solution in the future.