RPA Unlocker does not work when launched from RPA Central

  • 15 October 2022
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I've recently install RPAC on a Win11 VM hosted within Azure.  To test the unlocker I have a very small botflow that just unlocks the machine and opens the calculator (to confirm that yes it unlocked and made it to the next step).   


When I test the unlocker using the 'test' button everything works fine.   When I launch the botflow from an RPAC scheduled task, the botflow launches, however it is unable to unlock the machine. 


Just to rule out the obvious questions; there is no GPO applied, and the scheduled task was scheduled for 2-3 minutes after I disconnected so there shoudlnt be a session timeout involved.  When I re-connect to the machine, I can see the botflow that attempted to launch with the 'unable to unlock' error shown (See photo).  I have also verified that the RPA Unlocker version is the newest version on the Nintex website.


Any suggestions or advise would be appreciated!




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Hi, Ken,

Did you use the tscon batch file approach as described in this topic?



Hi Mike, 


Thanks, yes the tscon portion is something I missed somehow.   The bot is unlocking properly now, but is struggling to execute the botflow as expected when running 100% disconnected.   But at least I can more forwared with troubleshooting now.