RPA Central - how to restrict developer access

  • 31 August 2020
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We were upgraded to RPA Central recently so now all designers can edit or run botflows. We used to manage this by network access and keeping the scripts in the specific network locations for specific users. What is the best way to restrict designer access for specific botflows on RPA Central?

2 replies

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Only Admin roles in RPA Central can have access to all functions and all botflows in RPA Central.  If you have a user that has an Admin role and you would like to restrict them from RPA Central capabilities, change their role to a Designer role in RPA Central (User Mgmt link in left panel).

We have changed Admins to Designers which is helpful so that they can't publish or delete a botflow.  We haven't found a way to restrict the designer to only have access to certain botflows to edit or run.  Do you know of a way to assign botflows to specific designers?