Repeating a keyboard Command a specific number of times

  • 14 August 2021
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Is there a way in RPA to send a Keyboard command a certain number of times, in this case the certain number of times is a variable.


For example, I would like to send [^Up] 4 times because the variable is 4.  What I have used in other RPA's is [^Up 4] (exchanging out the 4 for the variable) but this doesn't seem to work in Nintex.


[^Up][^Up][^Up][^Up] this works but it isn't variable each time, which is really what I need to action. 


Thanks ahead of time for helping.


Best answer by SeanScudellari 18 August 2021, 22:16

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1 reply

Hey, Steve. 


This is possible by doing this: [^Up(5)] 


That will send the up arrow key 5 times. Then you could replace the number 5 in parenthesis with a variable and that should do the trick.