Redesigned RPA Central 2.0, repeating schedules made easier

  • 17 November 2020
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In December, the overall navigation within RPA Central will be changed to provide a unified and seamless experience within the Nintex product platform.  In the new version and going forward, the right hand side Action panel, that you may be familiar with in NWC, will be utilized to provide a consistent experience in editing and configuring your botflows.  This includes assigning bots(s), scheduling and publishing a Botflow™ all from one action panel, instead of three separate pages in the current RPA Central.  In the new RPA Central, we are also improving your experience in setting repeating schedules for your Botflows™.  As an example, you can set your days of the week repeating schedules by selecting a time, the day(s) of the week and setting the repeating interval, all from the same place.


The Jobs function will also be retired.  The Jobs function was limited, did not provide any added benefit and Botflows can just as easily fill that role and more through the action panel.  Through customer and partner interviews we also discovered that in most cases customers created specific botflows for each use case and not a best practice to share a botflow between multiple jobs.  Therefore, the Jobs feature served very little value and will no longer exist in RPA Central v2.0.  All your Botflows™ with a job or without a job will continue to be supported in v2.0.  Your Botflows™ with jobs will be listed in the Botflow page with corresponding job names. 

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