Open Data issues with 16.6.1

  • 22 September 2020
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Has anyone upgraded RPA to 16.6.1 and had issues with the open data step?  It works as expected when you run the bot manually.  However, when launching from RPA Central the bot stalls out at the step.  We upgraded from 16.5.5 to 16.6.1.  We tried disabling, then re-creating the open data step.  Still results in the same stall.  We are working with support, but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this.


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2 replies

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Are you using an Open data action to open an excel file?  If yes, and the bot is unable to access excel due to registry, then we have the UIs that you see to do an auto repair for you.  Before, the experience was an error message and user had to search and find solutions in MS or other forums and the solutions was to do an auto-repair at the machine level.   Hope that helps.


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Hi Sasan,


  Yes we are opening Excel with our Open Data action.  Can you elaborate more on the UIs to do an auto repair?  I have downgraded half my machines to 16.5.5 because of this issue already.