Nintex RPA Formula Question

Wondering if someone can help me figure out the following:  


I have a variable that could populate with various information such as "1K to 3.5K" or "1K to 10K".  The goal would be that if this variable includes anything under 10K, or less, another field is populated with 1K to 10K.  I tried to use the "ContainsNumber" and IsLess formulas but I can't figure out how to put them together. There is probably another way I should be creating this statement so I thank you in advance for helping me out. 


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Hi @RScherping 


I threw together a quick video to demonstrate how I would approach this. It is a few different formulas strung together to get to what you need.



Let me know if you've got any follow ups or need clarification on anything 🙂


- John

Thank you so much John!  The video was perfect!  I will reach out if I have follow-up questions.