Locating Search Action

Currently using Nintex RPA version 15.1.6 to run a Botnet on a Fiserv Premier Certificate of Deposit application.   The browser used is Internet Explorer 11.  In previous botnets, I was able to target a field and select a Search action to allow consistent targeting of the field.  It appears the search action is no longer available.  Suggestions on targeting a Fiserv Premier field consistently to allow the botnet to run unattended?

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I am a Premier bank and had to upgrade to RPA v17 so we could use Edge.  What version of Premier are you on?  We also installed 2022.2 which has UI changes.

We are serviced through Fiserv Brookfield - believe we are on Premier 2022.1.  We will be updating Foxtrot RPA in the coming weeks and will begin using Edge at that time.  Currently Navigator is launched in Edge using IE Mode.  


I was able to get the botnet to work by modifying the table selection.  Process is currently running, otherwise I would provide the exact changes I made.


Appreciate the info.