Issues Interacting with a Windows Application

  • 18 January 2022
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Looking for some advice on another way around this. I have a BOT that interacts with one of our business applications on Windows, Viewpoint Vista. I have the BOT Clicking on fields, buttons etc.


Essentially I have a workflow that a user kicks off, that will then start the BOT on a remote server. The BOT will first open the application, and is then presented with a login screen. The BOT will then enter a username/password and hit a login button. This is where I am having issues.


This step in the process will never complete, if I let the BOT run by itself on our Remote Server. The only way i can get it to work, is if I RDP into that server to watch the BOT Run. Then the BOT has no problem filling in the username/password.


I have tried using the click actions, as well as just tabbing through the fields on the login screen. Both never work, when I'm not remoted into the Server.


Any suggestions to get this to work, so I we dont have to remote in and babysit the BOT?




4 replies

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Hi, Zach,

I'm sure you've tried all of things in the Best Practices section in the Unlock topic (, but please confirm -- it's the second to last section.

If you're doing most of those things, please open a Support ticket so we can do some troubleshooting and investigation.



Hey Mike, 


So I’m not having any troubles unlocking the remote machine. My issue is with my bot not being able to find the password field on our erp application.


When I remote into the machine it will have the erp login open..once I manually click into the password field, the bot then will enter the password and continue on.




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I understand, I thought it might have something to do with the fact that you have to physically babysit it. I'd still suggest opening a ticket to see if there's something we can do to target that login dialog in a consistent, repeatable way.

Hey Zach - are you using a script to disconnect from the RDP sessions or just closing the connection?


Best, Sam