Install Nintex RPA on a mac computer

  • 22 April 2021
  • 2 replies

Is there a way to install Nintex RPA on a mac PC? 

2 replies

Hello @Mishcatiu 


Currently, Nintex RPA is available on windows platforms:


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So the solution would be - running a dual boot with Windows on the Mac, then running RPA that way.


I would suggest the following steps:

  1. Set-up Dual boot with Windows 10 Pro on the Mac (How to Dual-Boot Windows and macOS on a Mac | Laptop Mag)

  2. At boot, switch and log in to Windows 10 Pro  with your Active Directory network account

  3. Proceed with RPA install per normal install instructions

NB to keep in mind that the dual boot Windows install must be a Windows Pro version, else the Active Directory authentication won't work correctly.  This is not guaranteed to work. It should - but if you have a newer M1 processor then it could potentially be a problem. 


Another alternative would be installing RPA on a network server and giving the user VPN access or remote access to the desktop to run the RPA app from there.