Insert NewLine in Text variable

  • 20 June 2022
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Hi All, 


Someone could you please tell me me how can I create Text variable which is contains multiple string values separated with NewLines?

Unfortunately, I only need a variable because I would like to save this value into the text field.  



Names= Tom+NewLine+Rose+NewLine ... etc ?


Thank is advance and have a wonderful day 🙂






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4 replies

You can use this expand button in the variable form so that the "Value" field becomes a multiline textbox. This way you can just put the next string on a new line. A "Send Value" action will send this variable with the newlines included.



If you need to create the variable using a "Create Variable" action, that form also allows you to expand the textbox.


Dear Kyle, 


Thank you for your answer and hint 🙂


I wanted to get the below result:


And unfortunately, I couldn't find the solution this case and having the below result 😞


Thank you in advance and have a nice day


I assume you are trying to build this list. 


You will need to use the "Join" formula to build your list. Create a variable called "NewLine" that is just a newline character (in Notepad hit the enter button then copy the text and paste into the variable form). Then you can use the join formula like this: 





Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your time and solution 🙂