Include spaces in your output for set variable from retriving text

  • 15 January 2020
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Im trying to retrive the information of languages using the Set variable from a text i notes. The text I am trying to extract is the following:



Svenska  (Native or Bilingual)
Engelska  (Professional Working)



And the Set variable Value I am using are as follows:


Although the value I am retriving is:


Where the retriving text is lacking spaces. How do I retrive the text where its including the blankspaces between the different languages?


Thanks in advance!







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2 replies

Hi @Schmidet (Johan),


I'm not sure why you are using the "Remove" formula? That is what is getting rid off the spaces.

There are many ways of solving this, it would probably be easiest to use the Regular Expression action under Advanced if you have experience with that. Otherwise, I've made a quick example with some screenshots.

Essentially, the trick is to use something like "|" in your "Clean" formula so that you actually know where the linebreaks where. Then you can use formulas on that. I'm not quite sure what your desired output is, whether you want the languages together in a single variable comma-separated or every language in an individual variable.

Let me know if you are able to solve it with inspiration from these screenshots.

Hi Mathias,


thanks for the quick reply. I got it to worke due to your solution, so thats perfect.

If you are in Stockholm in the nere furure hit me up I owe you a cold one.