How to use Search Action in a web page without table structure?

  • 31 January 2020
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Hello All,

I am new to Nintex RPA, I was trying to do the  excercise given as part of training videos, when I tried targeting a web page for selecting a row, I could not as there is not underlying table structure. Hence I am unable to use Search Action. Can you please sugest if I am unable to use Table for Target, how do I use Search Action? I need to get License Status value from this screen. Please see the screenshot below for reference. 



Thank you for your help on this.




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3 replies

I remember this training video when going through the certifications.  Another site to use for trying this action is the FDIC Failed Bank List.

You can target the table, and then do the search.  I've attached some screen shots.  It looks like the FL DOH site might have changed.  I actually trained up on the FDIC site as well as some others.  

Screen shot 1: I targeted the Bank Name column Header.

Screen shot 2: Selected "Table" from the Chevron next to Exact Target.

Screen shot 3: Hard Coded a bank I picked at random on the list

Screen shot 4: Shows the bank selected now in the highlight.


Hope this helps!

Chris Hubbard

Peak Consulting, LLC - Nintex RPA Certified Expert

Thank you for your response on this and I really appreciate your help on this. 

However, my problem is different, the URL you have shared for banks, it does have a Table structure <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> etc. in the web page source but the page I was refering URL (screenshot below) uses <div> <fieldset><dt> structure and it is not a Table structure (you can refer to the DOM elements in the screenshot), hence the Nintex RPA selector is not able to identify that as a table. Is there any other way we can use the selector in such case?


Screenshot with DOM for non table structure:


Screenshot below with the DOM from the Banklist URL


Hi @KrishnenduB,


The training you are referring to only applies to rows of information found in a web table.  As you know, the License Status field in your web application is not contained in a table, therefore you cannot use Table Actions. 


In this scenario, I recommend targeting the actual License Status value on the right (not the License Status label on the left).  Once that has been targeted, click the Rules button located immediately about the preview picture in Nintex RPW.  Set the Text rule to Ignore the value.  Because the text value will change, you want Nintex RPA to ignore the actual text and copy anything it may say.  In this scenario, Nintex RPA will use other information (and not the actual text) to locate that field.  Once your rules are squared away, finish creating a Get Value action to copy the value into a variable in your botflow.  Good luck!