How to return data from RPA to NWC

  • 5 February 2021
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I have a functional stand-alone botflow that I would like to initiate from an NWC form.  The NWC form works properly and launches the botflow properly. 


When the botflow finishes, it is supposed to return two variables back to the calling NWC instance.   From within NWC I can see the expected variable definitions when I navigate the WF variables, however when the botflow runs, the data is not returned. 


I couldn't find any documentation to show how this should be accomplished.   These are the steps I took to get this far:


1) Create the variables within the botflow and selected the "Output Variable" check box.

2) Publish the botflow

3) From within NWC, initiate the botflow based on data entered in an NWC form

4) From NWC, after the botflow finishes, attempt to write the botflow output variables to a log and email them to a user. 


The botflow runs, and the variables are populated, however the data never makes it back to the calling NWC instance. 




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