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I'm new user in Nintex RPA tool. Unfortunately, I'm facing the issue with "Go to next page and scrape a table from the website". 

I already found the solution for how to extract data from the current site, but just can't find the solution for click the next button if there are any the next pages. 


My question would be that how could you solve this kind of task in Nintext RPA tool?  

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If I understand correctly, you have pages of web tables from which you would like to scrape data.  The challenge is you don't know how many pages and need to do so repetitively dynamically.  But you do have a button such as a 'Next' button that indicates that an additional page exists with more table data.


If my description of the problem is as described above, I would recommend a strategy like the following:


Label:  ScrapeTable - This Label is a marker that can be jumped BACK to

Run Task:  ScrapeTableData - This jumps to another Task that scrapes the Table Data

If (Target Is Found) - This determines if the 'Next' button EXISTS

    Click - Click 'Next' Button

    Go To Label - Jump BACK to ScrapeTable Label

End If



The botflow design above will continue to loop through all web table pages using the 'Label' and 'Go To Label' actions (found under the 'Flow' category on the left Actions list).


The design contains a Task named 'ScrapeTableData' that contains all of your existing actions to traverse through the Web Table to collect its data.


The Loop will continue as long as the 'Next' button EXISTS on the web page.  If the 'Next' button exists, the Click action of the 'Next' button loads the next web table page and then jumps BACK to the Label (ScrapeTable) at the beginning of the Main Task.  It will then call the 'ScrapeTableData' Task to collect Table Data and repeat the Loop until the 'Next' button no longer exists on the web page at which point it will fall through to the END of the Main Task and stop.


Note:  To create the 'If (Target Is Found)' action, target the 'Next' button and select the 'If' action from the Actions list.  Then select the option for 'If the target is found' to create the new 'If' action.


I provided some screenshots to provide context but pretend the 'Google Search' button is the 'Next' button in your scenario.


Hope this provides a general strategy for automating this type of scenario.


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