Fuzzy Name Matching

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Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do fuzzy name matching within Nintex RPA? We want to compare Name 1 to Name 2, and give it a pass or fail.  Example:


Name 1 = Kenny W Smith

Name 2 = Kenneth William Smith

Result = Pass


Name 1 = William A Jones

Name 2 = Frank M Jones

Result = Fail



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Hi @kwstroud,


I would probably maintain a list a mapping fuzzy names somewhere (Excel, DB, List, Etc.) and define the rules comparison. How do you expect to do that ? What the comparison is use for ? Is it for critical/sensible operations ?


There's different techniques for matching fuzzy names : Initials, Nicknames, Titles, Languages and more. What are your requirements ?


How do you delimit the Lastname from the Firstname ? I would always do an exact comparison for the Lastname. Last word ? What if the Lastname is composed with more than 1 word ?


Once you know the rules comparison for each word that compose the name, you can use regular expression in Nintex RPA for each word in the name.


Interested to know how others will handle the fuzzy names matching.



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We don't really have any set rules. I was just wondering if anyone had attempted anything like it, or if there was a nice online resource that they were referencing to perform a similar operation. The questions you posed will definitely help in the planning process. I'll report back if I come up with something.