Foxtrot with Jack Henry (JHA) products

  • 27 December 2019
  • 3 replies

Has anyone had much experience using Foxtrot with JHA Jack Henry products, specifically Xperience?  

3 replies

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Hi jquilliam,


  My bank has with little luck.  Due to Xperience being customizable our tab order changes with different products and access.  There is still green screen exposed to perform maintenance though.  Any specific Xperience screen you are trying to script?


Kyle Barton

Hi jquilliam1126,


What version of Foxtrot are you currently using?  If you are not on the latest version (v15.1.4), I encourage you to upgrade.  We have improved compatibility with JHA Xperience in recent versions which should smooth out your experience.


You can acquire the latest version in the Downloads section of this forum.  Here is a direct download link for your convenience:


If you need assistance upgrading, please connect with our support team at or 1-800-658-1147.  If you are already using this latest version, you should connect with support so we can show you how to approach automating Xperience.


Enjoy the day,


Good morning,

My bank uses Foxtrot with JHA products all the time. My latest project is automating returned mail. My script takes a list of customer names and last of the account number to search customer and account inquiry for the full account and CIF. So it can be quickly checked for duplicates.

I often write my script in emulator but I typically have a XP version made at the same time since emulator has been EOL.

Do you have specific task you are trying to accomplish?