"Failed to open this botflow! Nintex Bot cannot run this instance of this botflow"

I have multiple bot flows that are running on 2 different workstations.  When it is scheduled to run, I'm getting a warning message popup "Failed to open this botflow!  Nintex Bot cannot run this instance of this botflow".  I'm unable to pinpoint what could be causing it. 

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Hi, Melanie,

What version of RPA Central and Bot do you have installed? We made a series of improvements in the latest versions -- available here -- to improve the speed and reliability of how botflows are opened, so I suggest that you try to get to the latest versions as soon as possible.

Also, have you been able to determine the circumstances around when this error occurs? Does it happen for certain botflows and not others?



We are on version 2.6.0 for RPA Central and version 17.6 Nintex

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Thanks. I'd suggest going to the latest of both Central and Bot as soon as you can, and then filing a support case if the botflows still behave in the same way.