Excel - Format as Table - How to check "My table has headers"?

  • 28 July 2020
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Hi there!


I tried to automate actions when you want to format data as table in Excel 2016. 

I use target "Excel" action "Send value" with param like this - [^Alt+H]T[Enter] - it works fine.

And on this step I want to know how to check param "My table has headers" because time by time it checked and another time not checked. 


Any suggestions?

Thank you for advice!


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5 replies

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Have you tried, Send Value/Key Strokes/Mode/None and Speed/Very Slow or Slowest.  Try that and let us know if that helps.


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@Sasan the question as I got it was about how to be sure you get predictable result. When you just send keys, you can toggle, but the results depend on unknown initial state and the task is to detect it or to make the change in a deterministic way.

Dear @Sasan,


 @akrasheninnikov is right. If I just use [^Tab]Space there can be the case when this option is already checked.... So I can just uncheck it by this command.

@akrasheninnikov @Rekses 

Your best option is to use the Pixel Exists action.  To use this action, have the Format a Table window up and make sure the My Table Has Headers is Checked. Next follow the steps below:


1. Target the Format a Table window and choose Pixel Exists from the option of actions. 

2. After selecting Pixel Exists change the option from color to B&W. 

3. Click on the preview and select the check mark so the action will look at the spot each time to see if the check box is already checked.

4. Finally you can save the results to a variable.


Once the Pixel Exists action is created  you can then have an if statement afterwards to see if the results of the Pixel Exists returned a true or false.  If the results are false you can then have it enter the if statement to enable My Table Has Headers.


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Sounds like high tech and a step towards a neural network, but should be working 🙂