Error:Nintex RPA did not find table

Hi Experts,

I have just started playing with RPA tool. i am going through the test excercise, i am able to go through the steps on first go but next time it throws error.  

I am looking for highlighted text to save it in variable but this step fails. any input on where i am doing it wrong is more than welcome :).



Best answer by ajitabh_srivas 10 March 2020, 06:18

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Hi ajitabh_srivas,

The problem is likely due to improper Rules settings.  Please share the Rules settings for your Get Value Action.  You can do this by editing the Action and clicking the Rules button in the upper-left corner.

Thanks for your prompt reply, it seems it is checking for exact text from last record?

I am attacing the rule, thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks for the tip, It working now :)

It sounds like you were able to defeat the problem by setting the Text rule to Ignore since the value is expected to change between runs.  Can you confirm for future reference by others? Thank you!

Yes, it was set to to exact match and changing that to ignore worked.