Chrome issues in Business Central

  • 17 July 2020
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I am experiencing issues with Nintex RPA v 16 when working in Business Central. The "Wait for target" action simply does not work. It will start flashing at the bottom when "locating target" as if it's trying to reconnect to the Chrome instance. Hereafter it will more or less just crash until the browser window is closed. 


Furthermore i am not able to "Get list" in business Central when working with Chrome. However, it works fine in Internet Explorer.

* See attached image


Do you have a solution for this?


Best answer by KyleDierking 17 July 2020, 17:31

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1 reply

Which version of RPA are you working with? There was a known issue with the Wait For Target action that was fixed in version 16.5.3. Upgrading to the latest version of RPA (v16.5.5) should fix this issue. 


As for the Get List issue we will need a little more information. Could you please reach out to our support team?