Capturing steps on webpage

I need to run a bot on a webpage where I need to click on scroll bars, select hyperlinks, click buttons to collapse tables and expand a range of nodes.

What I see is that RPA captures the location of the click and not the actual subject you are clicking on. So if I change my screen resolution or minimize my screen, the bot does not work because it is executing the actions where there are no buttons.

How do I manage to get that the clicks will always be on the correct button?


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Is your browser zoom and windows at a 100% zoom?

I use Chrome and IE. Zoom is 100%

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Would it be possible to get a video or screenshot of the steps you are trying to automate?  We can then suggest some solutions.

Hi @Andriesdt 


If you are using Chrome with Nintex RPA, you will need to be using at least version 16.5.0 (or higher) with the Nintex Chrome Extension installed. Here is more info on the latest release:


This may be where the issue is stemming from, it sounds like you may be attempting to use positional clicks & interactions against Chrome without the extension. In this case, you are correct in that it is interacting only where you drop the targeting tool so changes in resolution, etc. will affect that.


Any more info you can provide on the issue would be great.