Bluezone Mainframe 3270

  • 19 March 2021
  • 2 replies

Does anyone have any experience with having success using Bluezone and Nintex RPA? I have version 16.6.7. I have been able to connect emulator, but I cannot seem to move forward from there. Any advice is appreciated!

2 replies

I have attached two pictures for reference.  If you made a connection with BlueZone, RPA should look like Emulator Connection 1.jpeg.  If you edit the connection by clicking the pencil the connection should look like Emulator Connection 2.jpeg (your Short Name may vary). If the above is true, then you would just need to continue to write your botflow for what is needed next to do.  If you didn't see an emulator connection like the ones in the pictures then you didn't actually make a connection and would not be able to create your botflow.  Could you please let me know if your RPA looks like the pictures or not to better assist you.

Thank you for your response! I do see the emulator connection. I am able to send values over, but when I try to send the enter command nothing happens. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?