Assign Multiple Bots to a Botflow

  • 10 December 2021
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Is anyone familiar with how RPA handles a botflow being assigned to multiple bots?


My initial assumption was that any given botflow assigned to multiple bots would be run on each bot; however, I've noticed that the botflow will only run once among all the bots (example below for clarity).  I'm guessing that the botflow will run on the first assigned bot it comes across on the bot list (in RPA Central), but that's just a guess.


Botflow "helloWorld" assigned to bot "A" and bot "B" (separate workstations, separate named bots listed in RPA central).  When run via RPA Central, the botflow will only run on "A" and never trigger on "B".

3 replies

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Hi, @rkwock ,


Bots are assigned botflows for execution based on the order in which they connect to RPA Central. In your case below, if both bot A and B were offline, and B connected at 8 am while A connected at 8:15 am, bot B should get the botflow instance when run from RPA Central.




Hi Mike

So if Bot B were already running an instance of the botflow would Central assign the next Bot in the list of assigned bots to run a new instance?



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Yes, if Bot A was online.


Note we added some Powershell examples to the API topic:


What this allows you to do is run a script to start an instance on a particular Bot if you need more control over where the instance runs.