Unable to delete blocked processes

  • 18 July 2022
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Hi everyone.

I'm having a problem with deleting some kinds of processes that I assume are blocked because I don't even have the option to modify them. (I'm the promaster, so I should be able) 


Under the "manage group" tab, and inside the Promapp Training group, there are 3 processes only visible in the group section that can't be deleted.


Can somebody help me with this?

Thank you all.




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3 replies

Good morning  🙂


I had an issue last week which might be similar.  There were three processes which had been added to the Group Overview of a process group, then later archived.  The processes were still appearing in the Group Overview, and I couldn't remove them.


I added another process to the Group Overview (so, I went to Processes -> All Processes, selected the relevant group, then went to the Edit tab.  Under Group Overview, I selected Add Link -> Process and then just added any process).  Saved that, then deleted the process I just added (there is a bin icon just to the right of the process name).  When I deleted it, the 3 archived processes disappeared as well.  


I see in your screenshot the processes have an unusual icon - I've not seen that before.  I thought they might be suggested processes, but I just checked ours and they don't look like that.


Good luck.

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Are they shortcuts to processes perhaps? If so you need to determine which process group they were created in and delete them from there, rather than any process group in which a shortcut to them has been added.


Alternately, if they're still required in their original process group you can edit where the shortcuts appear by going to Edit > Summary and editing which process groups have shortcuts to the original processes.


I solved it by going to the suggested processes and deleting them from there. Apparently, the icon means that those were suggested processes.

Thanks all for your help!!