Two way arrow from a decision diamond?

  • 13 July 2022
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Hi Team, im sure this has come up previously and i think i recall someone showing how it could be done in a training video but i cant find it!


Essentially i have a simple process which has a decision diamond which branches off to a step if yes or continues if no.


I would like for the directional arrow for "yes" to show as being both directions to denote you would need to complete the "yes" step but then come back to the next step in the process (essentially make the arrow double ended rather than just point to the yes step and then onto output.


Hope that makes sense!



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2 replies

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I wouldn't use a decision diamond in this instance (we avoid them as much as possible), I'd just have the question as part of an activity (eg the task would be 'Decide whether xyz..') then put a conditional link to the process. Conditional linked process will have a double headed arrow by default.

Thanks Noala, will give this a go.