Report of all processes with variations - Is it possible?

  • 26 October 2022
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With the new variations functionality, is there a way to identify all processes that have variations?


I've got the 'conversion list' but this doesn't show all processes with variations, only the ones that have been converted (i.e. it doesn't show processes created after the new variations were enabled).


I've tried the 2 reports under 'Useful Process Variation Reports' and both of these need a process to be selected before the report will display any information.


I've also checked the Process List but that doesnt include reference to variants.


How do I identify all processes that use variations without navigating through all processes?


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2 replies

If you use the reporting API the data includes a column for variation name. If you filter out the blanks in that column of the data it will show all variations in one list.
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Perfect! Thanks for the heads up!