Promaster/Lead Champion Job Description

  • 18 September 2023
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Hi, Do you have an official role for a Promaster or Lead Champion in your organisation?  If you do, would you mind sharing the position description or business case written for this role?  Any information would be very much appreciated.  Thanks

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I am the “Continuous Improvement and Change Lead” and the primary promaster for promapp in our organisation (Australian local govt). We have a ‘capability development’ approach to process mapping, management and improvement - I don’t do it ‘for’ the business; I equip them (and technically their leaders empower and encourage them… but sponsorship is spotty).

In my PD is the Responsibility “Develop organisational continuous improvement capability” with the outcomes:

  • A sustainable foundation of process management and improvement is established to enable ongoing continuous improvement.
  • Staff are engaged with, understand the purpose for and are equipped to map, evaluate and improve processes to increase service efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Leaders demonstrate process ownership accountabilities, ensuring processes are accurate, efficient, improved, adhered to and achieve service outcomes.
  • Public value can be demonstrated through evaluation, measurement and reporting of improvement activities. 
  • Council’s continuous improvement program using the Promapp system (taxonomy, business rules, user access and permissions, etc.) is functional, effective and user-friendly and utilised across the organisation.  

I deliver all our training and am the single point of contact for all promapp questions. I also look after any reporting we do from the system. 

Hope this helps :-)

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Thank you Lisa this is great.  I might be in touch to pick you brains further on how our Council can better utilise Process Manager :)  Thanks