Promapp roles for external stakeholders

What Promapp roles have you used to identify external stakeholders in your processes?


We have some standardised external stakeholders which we use across the organisation (e.g. customer, contractor) but we wonder what the impact is (report/maintenance/usability) if we extend these to describe 'external parties', 'volunteer's as individuals and/or groups.


Our perceived benefits of breaking external stakeholders into specific roles include pulling reports to identify which processes they're involved in and then doing due diligence on this (e.g. all individual volunteers have a WWCC).

Our perceived disadvantages of breaking external stakeholders into specific roles include usability of writing processes within the organisation and opportunity for errors (e.g. users creating processes select the wrong role), as well as maintenance activities (e.g. role changes are not kept up to date as they're not standard within the organisation).


It would be great to hear if anyone else has come across this and have any lessons learnt. Thanks

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To clarify, are you planning to include named externals and attach them to roles, like attaching individuals to volunteers?

Hi Brett - no, I don't think we would. They would only be mentioned in relation to the fact that they are not a part of the organisation