Promapp - Bullet Points

  • 11 August 2022
  • 6 replies



Is there way that bullet points can be inserted, directly from Promapp, whilst building a process map and populating different activities within this.



6 replies

Alt + 7 will give you a bullet. That’s the only way, apart from copy and paste from, say, a word doc.



A few of us have tried this here and does not generate a bullet point within an activity in Promapp. Are you able to provide some further detail, or perhaps a worked example.


Many thanks,


He’s a few snaps of bullets in a task, and in a note

Thanks for the screenshot. This is what we tried, whilst in both an activity, but the alt + 7 keyboard shortcut did nothing in terms of any character (bullet point or otherwise) insertion.

Try Alt 7(use the number keypad at right side of keyboard)

Thanks. That works.