Processes in Multiple Languages - how might you be managing this need?

  • 20 May 2022
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Hello Community - we have a need, and legislation to have some of our processes available in both our national languages - English and French. We are a Canadian based firm where language laws may apply jurisdictionally.


Per the How To section, there is not a functionality to support this.


Anyone else have this need, if so, how are you working around it?

  • Creating Two unique processes, one for each language?
  • I was thinking of using the Process Variation Management.


I'd love to hear any experience, or even reaction if any from customers or the Product Teams.


Merci/Thanks - Srinee 

1 reply

Hi Srinee, 


You are right we don't have the functionality to support this.  The options you mentioned - using variations or having separate versions of the Process are your best options.  However none of them remove the double work when updating your Processes.  


Your best option is to post this as an idea on Uservoice as a feature request -