Process Modeling Advanced Preview FAQ

  • 16 February 2023
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Why are we running a Closed Advanced Preview (AP) program?  

  • Process modeling is an additional approach to process management that we’re introducing to Nintex Process Manager, and we want to use an advanced preview program to enable customers to get an early hand on with the new capability and start seeing value while also making sure that Nintex has prioritized the right features related to process modeling before they are rolled out to the larger customer base.  

  • The Advanced Preview program will be capped at 50 participants, to ensure the technology is rigorously tested, we will be selecting the most suitable candidates to participate.  


How long will the Advanced Preview run for? 

  • Advanced Preview will run for 12 weeks.*(tentative) 


If I’m accepted for the Process Modeling Closed Advanced Preview program – What's expected of me? 

Applications for Advanced Preview are encouraged by current Nintex Process Manager customers and Partners but only those who are able and willing to: 

  1. Signup / engagement in the Advanced Preview section of the Nintex Community 

  1. Commit to providing a minimum of 2 hours using the tool each fortnight (as new features are continuously released each fortnight) - a total of 10 hours of use over the total program 

  1. Publish “Business Scenario” process models

    • These will be the output of guided business scenarios that Nintex will provide to participants to introduce them to elements of the modeling canvas and new functionality 

  2. Participate in scheduled fortnightly engagements / discussions with Nintex product team as new functionality is released over the Advanced Preview period 

  3. Complete a use-case type questionnaire/s throughout and provide a customer review at the completion of the Advanced Preview, and consent to Nintex using these answers, your company logo and name for the development of promotional materials.  

  1. Complete a set of product research surveys 



Are the Advanced Preview features going to be available in my product tenant? 

  • Initially the features for the Advanced Preview are only going to be available is “demo” tenants that will be provisioned for members of the Advanced Preview program. Given that this is still functionality that is in active development, we want to ensure that any issues that might arise from the new features will not impact production environments that our customers rely on having the highest levels of up time. As we progress through the Advanced Preview, Nintex may choose to make the AP features available in production tenants as well. 


Can any of my team members use the Advanced Preview features? 

  • Yes, any internal team members will be able to be added to the Advanced Preview tenant so that they can work with the new process modeling capability. Users can be added to the AP tenants like they would with any existing Process Manager environment. 


Will process models built during the Closed Advanced Preview program be counted towards our process entitlement? What about after the program is over? 

  • During the advanced preview, model-based processes will not count towards the entitlement consumption. However, after process modeling has been rolled out as a general availability (GA) feature, model-based processes will then count towards process entitlement consumption. 


Once Advanced Preview is complete, what will be the cost of Process Manager? 

  • If you are a current Nintex customer that is accepted to participate in the Process Modeling-Advance Preview program and meet all the program milestones. To say thank you, your first year (post general availability) of the Process Modeling module will be on us!   

  • Beyond this, we are still working on the pricing modeling applicable to all customers and prospects for the Process Modeling module - we expect this will be completed and communicated by mid-2023.  


If I have questions related to the Advanced Preview features, who should I direct those to? Nintex Support?  

  • All member of the Advanced Preview program will have access to a special forum space within the Nintex Community so that they can engage directly with the Process Manager product management team. We ask that all questions related to Process Modeling be directed to that forum space or to your Account Management team during the AP program. Once process modeling is general available (GA) questions can then be directed through the Nintex Support team.  


When the Advanced Preview program is over, what happens to any process models that were created? 

  • Any model-based processes that are created during the Advanced Preview program that customers wish to retain after the advanced preview will need to be exported from the AP tenant prior to the end of the AP program, and once modeling is available as a released feature, they will be able to be imported into customer’s production Process Manager tenants. 



When will Process Manager – Process Modelling be launched?

  • One key goal of the ‘Closed Advanced Preview program’ is to ensure that we have a small, dedicated group of partners, clients, and prospects thoroughly testing the capability to ensure that it will meet their expectations. 
  • We will be reliant on quality feedback to determine: the best-fit use cases, must-have capability, nice-to-have capability, usability feedback etc.   Until we get this feedback, we will not be able to determine its market readiness and its general availability date.  
  • In line with our next planned “Quarterly market update”, (currently scheduled for mid 2023) we aim to provide all customers, partners, and prospects an update on the overall Process Intelligence roadmap, including an update on the proposed general availability date (and its feature inclusions) for Process Modelling.  

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So how do we apply to be part of the program?

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So how do we apply to be part of the program?

@mblue1 if you reach out to your Nintex Account Manager, they can work to get your organization applied to be part of the program!