Name change for linked process does not reflect on map view for process it has been linked to?

  • 6 July 2022
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Hello everyone,


I could not find this question already answered. Basically, I have renamed a process which is a linked process to another one. When I want to observe the map view (for one it is linked to) the blue hyperlink name for the linked process is still showing with previous name. I have tried deleting the activity/decision and still won't show. I got two of these and have deleted/recreated them an still the old name shows. Of course, when I click on the link it does take me to the actual linked process which displays the new name. This is an issue because the reader would get confused by the title showing wondering why it is there and then see it actually change when following the link.

Thank you in advance 

2 replies

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Hi @JamesAlbert,


It's certainly because the process with the name changed has not been published. Since it's not published, it's considered not effective.


Let me know if it helps. ^^

Many thanks for your response Cecilia. Greatly appreciated.