Multiple Experts for a process to identify to SME

We have processes where there are legitimately two experts. I do not believe this is possible now, but can it please be added as an enhancement? It is not just that we want multiple staff to be able to edit the process, which can be achieved by Process Editor, but to identify more than one SME.


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Thanks for your feedback.  We have this existing User Voice idea for similar that you can upvote and comment on



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As a workaround, to identify where we have multiple SME's, we add them to the RACI as "Consulted Stakeholders"

Hi, I received an email telling me this is 'solved'.  Does this mean it will be in the next release? When will that be please? I don't believe it is 'solved' yet. i.e. not in the current release.

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I think Nintex may have marked this as solved due to the fact that there is a UserVoice/Product Feature Request item for this (as indicated in their reply to you).

Thanks Noala, That's correct, we marked the forum post as solved, rather than the functionality requested being solved, I can see how that is confusing, sorry! 


The User Voice link doesn’t work. Does this mean this got resolved or not?

I would like to have 2 Experts so more than one person can edit a process (without giving them Business Analysis privileges). 

Is there a way around this?

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Peter ,  have you considered the  process editor option , maybe worth looking at this ,  its under Group Stakeholders ,  i believe this give others edit access alongside the Process Expert and Process Owner.  . 

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I think this functionality would be very useful but the user voice link is not working. We have generic processes like Asset management that apply to multiple areas of the organisation and would have an ‘expert’ for each area. It is difficult to pick only one.