Moving documents before deleting a group folder

  • 21 December 2022
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Is there a better way to do this? I have a user group who have built processes and attached over 100 images (documents). They ended up consolidating their processes with other groups, therefore moved their processes from one folder to other(s). I am not able to delete the original group folder they were in until I move (reassign) where each document is aligned to. I’m currently doing it one by one. Is there a better way to do this? 


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3 replies

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I think it's only available 1 by 1 which might be why this idea is in the Promapp Ideas. It looks like it's been there for just over 2 years and its currently ‘open for voting’. Maybe give it a vote and it might progress to ‘planned’?

Moved documents remain in original folder/s - have to | Nintex Ideas

It's possible to automate the activity in Power Automate (Microsoft’s RPA Application) if you have access to it and someone who knows how to use it. I’ve used the same principal to archive processes and documents that also accumulate and cannot be processed en masse.

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Thanks so much, @EddieThomas! Especially for including the link to upvote. Super convenient.

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No worries @staciakato , happy to help. The more attention the idea’s forum gets the better it’ll be for all of us. If anyone is reading this, maybe take a look at some of the ideas in there already and vote for a few that would address issues you’ve experienced.

Here’s the link for the Promapp Idea’s section - Nintex Ideas