Minimode link access for casual employees (with no company e-mail address)

  • 24 August 2023
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Hello dear Nintex community,

I’ve recently came across a ‘challenge’ when trying to share minimode links with our causal staff - via the insertion of these in training courses available in our internal LMS).

These courses in particular are intended for all our production staff which includes ‘casuals’. We hire hundreds of casuals every year due to the nature of our cyclic business. Because this type of staff by definition will only remain employed in a temporary fashion, we do not create company e-mail addresses for them.

However, they do have login credentials to access our LMS which they can do even from their personal mobiles.

As you may imagine, this creates a challenge when they try to access a minimode link to processes which have been included in these training courses, i.e. the access is simply denied as they are not exactly within our organisation environment.

I know I could disable the “Require user authentication for access to minimode links of restricted processes” restriction, but we do not want this option as it would potentially expose our processes to anonymous users.

I also appreciate that this might be an unusual situation again due to the nature of our seasonal business hence, I would welcome your comments, please. For instance, have you faced similar issues? Can you think on a work-around?

Thanks in advance,


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