Many users with the same name

What can we do if we have several users with the same name?

If I have 4 "John Smith"s for example, they can each have their own login (j1smith, j2smith, etc.) but when we go to assign a map owner/expert, I only see 4 instances of John Smith.  

Using middle names is only a half-step, since there are still folks with the same (or no) middle name - and even then we'd need to ensure that everyone knows everyone else's middle names?


Is there a way to search by logon ID? Or other creative solutions?

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We do have this come through to our support team, and the only way I have seen people solve it is by using the middle initial.  I think often this is an acceptable solution because generally people searching for your name can ask which user matches theirs.  I am sorry I can't provide further ideas.  


I can confirm there isn't a way to search using login name or similar.  


Not a system solution, but a not-so-creative solution: rather than using the middle name/initial, having the person's team name/abbreviation in brackets after the last name, as people are more likely to know this. For example John Smith (WHS), John Smith (IT), John Smith (Payroll). We use this in Active Directory for the departments where I am for this same reason. 

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We do the same as Belinda ie use an abbreviation for the business unit after the surname.

Fortunately, this has only happened to us once so far; we have nearly 1,000 user accounts.