Manage Groups - Publisher Stakeholder Inheritance

  • 3 August 2022
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Is there a way to stop the inheritance of the Publisher stakeholder in Sub process groups as there doesn't appear to be an option to remove higher layer Publishers ? 


Top Process Group  -   Person A  (Top PGO) has been allocated as publisher

Sub Process Group -   Person A plus Person B (Sub PGO)  are now allocated as publishers , however Person A (Top PGO ) only wishes to publish processes at the top layer and has delegated Person B as publisher for the Sub Process Group,   however there is no option to remove Person A (Top PGO) from being the publisher .    

Any help or clarification would be great on this ,  thanks 


1 reply

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Hi Claire,

I'm not familiar with the terminology Publisher Stakeholder; do you perhaps mean process group editor?  If not then ignore me as we must have different versions/modules 🙂


If yes, then you could consider setting up staff as group champions instead of process group editors. Process group editors will always inherit subgroups of any group they can edit and, in my 5 years of experience, that isn't something the system administrator/Promaster can change.


Group champions can be set up for each group individually, and don't seem to inherit the subgroups. They appear to have the same process editing rights as process group editors so that might work for you?


Note: I'm not a Nintex employee.