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  • 8 February 2023
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Hi there,

I cannot find the forum for making suggestions for product improvement ideas. Could you please supply me the link please.




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Here you go 😀

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Thank you


Running regular workshops, feedback sessions, and conducting surveys can be the best way to highlight areas that require improvement while plans and strategies will help streamline teams to keep them running as smoothly as possible      love language test      RIGHT WAY TO WRITE OFI: “The roof was observed as leaking, which may impact on product quality. “ Notice the “wrong” OFI started with an imperative verb form, making the sentence a command: the reader must “consider” doing something. In this case, the OFI provides the solution (“repair the roof  The first step to purposefully getting better is taking in information and becoming aware. People who have desire to improve have a desire for information that makes their deficiencies known to them.