Level 0 processes for Public Sector

  • 26 July 2022
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Do you have examples of Level 0 (mega-process) for the public sector, specifically Local Government?


The reason for asking is because our current Promapp structure is based on organisational hierarchy which is causing us problems when looking at end-to-end processes across functions. The only examples of Level 0 process maps I can easily find online are more appropriate for private sector where they provide a smaller range of products/services using a ‘sales > design > produce > invoice’  model. We can shoehorn our services into this model but I feel there is a better way to arrange our ‘core processes’ in Local Government.


Any ideas on these groupings or connection recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Note: Level 0 (mega-process) related to the Quality Management System Process Model Approach of a one-pager showing the Management (strategic), Core (value chain), and Supporting (support chain) Processes together.

4 replies

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Hi Josie,


Whilst not specifically for generic Public Sector, there is an APQC Process Classification Framework available on our Nintex Solution Gallery for City Governments, and this can be found here:




There is also a generic cross-industry offering available here:




If these are not exactly what you are looking for they can be modified within your Promapp environment to suit your needs, or they can be created from scratch based off of the structures suggested by the APQC (https://www.apqc.org/process-frameworks/industry-specific-process-frameworks).


Hope this helps


Kind Regards,


This is great, thanks so much for sharing Mark - this is exactly what we're looking for!


It's interesting that they've combined the often separated Management and Core Processes of a more standard model used in Quality Management System implementation training into Operating Processes.

Hi Josie, 


In addition to the resources that Mark has pointed you towards.  If you are in our APAC region we have a Local Government site that you can be added to that has Process examples specifically for Local Government. 


To gain access to this site you can fill out the form at this page https://www.nintex.com/resources/nintex-promapp-local-government-shared-process-library/


Hi Penny - yes Nintex reached out and gave me access. What an amazing resource!