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  • 17 September 2021
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I have a new process that was submitted for approval - one approver edited and the other approver just wants to see the changes.


I know I need to be in the procedure view of the process- but I still can't see the highlight changes button?  Is this only available after the process has been approved at least once?







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Highlighting changes can show you a comparison in one of the three following ways:

  • Compare to Current Published Process (when viewing the current In Progress version)

  • Compare to Previous Published Process (when viewing the current published version)

  • Compare to Standard (when viewing a variation of a Process)


It would need to have been published at least once to see highlight changes.


This community article should also help:

Thanks Brett that clears that up,  I can see the old versions in the change log so I will use those... it is not so easy as the changes are not highlighted - that is a case for approving early


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I've also had this question, unfortunately, you cannot compare changes to an unpublished process.

This is particularly frustrating when creating new processes and reviewing them with the business because you wouldn't want to publish the process if its not complete but you may want to review any changes.