Group management - would like to restrict to Promaster

  • 15 June 2022
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Folders become junk drawers with inconsistent labels unless there are controls.  

We would really like to have a setting to allow only the PROMASTER (or BA) to add/remove groups.


We recently had a USER (not an ANALYST) create a bunch of groups and it really made a mess of our folder structure.  As we grow our user base, I fear this will only become a larger challenge.


Please let us know if you have creative solutions OR please vote the idea:


Thank you! 


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2 replies


At the moment, a User with no additional privileges cannot create Process Groups, I'm interested that a User in your site was able to! (One of the issues I face in our own promapp site is Users can't creae a group so they just pop the Processes in random places rather than asking for a group to be created). Is it possible that this User was a Process group champion of the group where they created the groups? 


You can create groups when you meet the following criteria:


- Promaster

- Business Analyst

- Process Group Champion (Can only create groups in that group)


I don't believe there are other situations where you have permissions to create groups 9however am going form memory!).  If you think that your user did create groups when they shouldn't have, feel free to send the details of the user and where they were able to create the groups through to and we can take a closer look.  




The person who created it was definitely a User, and was not a Champion of the top level but was marked as a Champion of the newly created folder.  I believe what happened is a Business Analyst created the folder and then assigned the User as a Champion.

Since there is a way to limit users, I would request that it be made possible to toggle this to limit it to only Promasters.  As we have a "functional" structure, mappers would be allowed to create anywhere in the process landscape, but we don't want them changing the structure.