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  • 28 June 2022
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Can I run a report or filter in Promapp to display documents and their associated document tags, or filter documents by tags?

For example, when we encounter documents with information that shouldn't be there, we like to tag them accordingly, and then run a report of all the documents that have been tagged, so that we can resolve the issue in a controlled manner.


Best answer by Penny 28 June 2022, 21:24

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2 replies

Hi Pieter, 

It looks like the most you can do with the document tags is to select them in the Document list to show all documents with that tag in the Document list.  We don't have a report that also includes these tags.  This is something you could raise on our UserVoice page,

Thanks @Penny. Based on your response I realised I can search the document repository using the search tag keyword. (Who'd have thought! ) If I choose my search tag well, it should not yield 'unwanted' results eg from the keyword also existing in the document title.