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  • 26 June 2023
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In terms of the %of process views measurement in the central dashboard (or Company dashboard - as opposed to “My Dashboard”), is there any known ‘ideal’ parameter to measure this against?

For instance, if processes for a particular department are showing say 50% or 75% or 100% views in relation to the previous month, how can this number be interpreted? i.e. For a department of 25 staff and say 30 published processes, if those were actually viewed 5 times this month and in the next one we get 100% in the above ratio, perhaps that is not a good outcome in terms of engagement?

I guess my other question is what would be a good baseline or indicator of an acceptable level of engagement? (process views wise)

Hope the above makes sense.




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5 replies

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I would say you are on the money with your understanding. Process view counts and percentages are great headline numbers, but harder to use to apply at a specific level.

In my opinion, more views is great as you are growing, as it shows more users are engaged with Process Manager. But this increasing views is probably limited to your rollout timeframe or when new departments are coming onboard.

There may come a point in time when your adoption is steady and users come in to confirm their understanding of process steps, or to follow a larger risk process, or see changes to activities. So it may not be as frequently as when it starts.

You may want to use some of the other reporting to showcase views in a bit more meaningful way, for example:

  1. We are rolling out to this department
  2. What % of this department has looked at processes, how many views have they had
  3. What processes have the most views, are users looking at the critical processes or reviewing updates

You’ll also see with the process views that December or January usually have a negative process views % compared to previous months given the holidays.

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Hi Brett,

Thanks for your answer, much appreciated.

What you explained makes sense and it has given me a new perspective to produce a more meaningful dashboard to my key stakeholders.

Best Regards,


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No worries, you may also want do use the Process Health Reporting API and default spreadsheet to see what data is available to you there. You can also connect that to any intelligence tools your organization has access to, if you or a teammate there have those skills.

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I’d also recommend the reporting API. it provides some great data which can be presented in PowerBI to show things like the number of unique his per day, number of views in the last 1, 7, 30 days.

Its also possible to combine this data with the Microsoft Graph data to show the usage per team/department which would give some of the metrics mentioned in this thread.

I’d be interested to know what benchmark figures people are using. Something like % of staff viewing processes per week might be something to consider.

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Thanks Eddie, yes I have used API reporting before and it is very useful, indeed.