Checklists - is there a best way to implement?

Hi all,


Looking to learn from those with experience.

We are young in our Promapp journey - in a business where process thinking is very, very new - processes are by and large in peoples heads, metrics don't exist, data is fractured and

We have a few key processes which we think would lend themselves to checklists well:

 - as a way of validating new employees have performed tasks a sufficient amount of time to make them proficient during their probation period, or

 - to start to track applications as they come in and move through the steps until "done". In effect, we will be gathering business metrics for the first time.

Before we embark on this, I'm interested to understand from those who have already done this...are there key learnings you'd like to share, pitfalls to avoid, warnings or other things we should know now?

Similarly, are there things you recommend using them for as no-brainers and "highly recommend"?

All advice will be gratefully received. 

Thanks, Trace


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Anyone out there who can assist?

Sorry I can't help (we turned this function off as we could foresee issues leaving it turned on).


I'm interested to see what feedback you get from others who are using it.