Can you have a conditional linked activity instead of a conditional linked process?

  • 12 July 2022
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Hi. I have a process with multiple nested exceptions. I know I can use a Note for the tasks required if the first exception rule is met, but within these exception rules, there can be another exception - can the tasks for the second exception be listed under an Activity, or will I need to create a sub-process for them?

The process steps are:

  1. Task = Check for stock on regional store.
  2. Note: What if no regional stock? Actions under Note: Check in national store
  3. What if no national stock? Action: Order parts

I know the obvious thing to do is to create an Order Parts process, but just wondering if instead of a process, this can just link to an Order Parts activity.



1 reply

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There's no such thing as a conditional activity in Promapp.


An alternative is to make your "Order parts" activity an 'if required' activity.  ie the activity name is 'Order parts if none in national store'.


Then the person reading the process will know this activity is only performed if there is no stock in the national store. They should recognise to skip this activity if the exception doesn't exist (ie if there is stock in the national store then they don't do this activity).